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Owner Financing

Know that purchasing a House on Contract is very unlike from renting. When you purchase a house on contract, the seller retains the title to the house while you continue to make monthly payments. The title of the house does not transfer to you until you have paid the contract purchase off in full. Always perform due diligence prior to entering a contract purchase. Make sure that YOU comfortable with the contract purchase terms that you are required to perform. The down payment and closing costs should be sent to neutral third party’s bank account by the closing date for the contract purchase. CONTACT US with questions you have and we will get you answers to your questions quickly! Good luck and Happy House Hunting!! Do You Think a Contract Purchase Should be Straight Forward and Easy to Grasp? How about not being full of crazy legal words? Crazy interest rates and balloon payments? If you answered “YES”, then review the material listed below.


• Straight Forward • No Crazy Legal Words • Clearly defined down & monthly payment responsibilities • Fixed Interest Rate for the Life of the Contract (And Not Some Crazy High Rate Either!!!) • No Balloon Payments AT ALL!!! • Contract should be signed at neutral third party’s office (Title Company/Closing Attorney) • Contract is Recorded with Assessor’s Office (Home Ownership Benefits for YOU!!!!) • Seller will require buyer to have insurance on the house • Buyer will pay annual property taxes on house • Copy of Contract Purchase provided to you ahead of time to review • Client Loyalty Program

You have made a big decision in your life to purchase your next home. We can provide the financing you are looking for. Below is the link to our contract purchase application that is 100% secure. Once you complete the application we will be back in contact with you within 24 hours. SECURE ONLINE APPLICATION Feel free to utilize our FREE Mortgage calculator You can use it to find the ideal monthly payment or by your purchase price requirements.