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Realtor & Real Estate Marketing Ideas

When it comes to selling homes, effective marketing can make or break a listing. Sound marketing strategies can bring you more reach, a larger audience, and ultimately more leads for any home. As such, we've compiled some of our best realtor & real estate marketing ideas for those of you looking to expand your reach!
At Red Enterprises, we focus a lot of our attention toward buying real estate notes. If you are looking to sell a real estate note, you can get a free quote from our website. Otherwise, keep reading to learn some of the most effective realtor and real estate marketing ideas.

The Importance of Realtor & Real Estate Marketing

Whether you're a real estate agent or you represent a company, there's nothing more important than marketing so as to expand your audience, and thus your potential real estate leads. Whether by email, social media, or revamping your online listings, there are a variety of marketing mediums that you should be taking advantage of today if you're looking to improve the reach of your listings. Below we've highlighted some of our favorite real estate marketing ideas!

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

  • Use ZIllow: As 92% of home buyers use internet listings, it's a important to get your home listed on Zillow, or other such websites. Sure, Zillow will charge you for leads, but it's a surefire way to expand your reach to more home buyers.
  • Write Great Listings: When you post listings, focus on setting yourself apart from the competition with an attractive and enticing description of the home. Transcend a bland description of the home and its amenities, and paint an alluring picture of the home.
  • Have Professional Photos Taken: Professional photographers can really make or break a listing. They'll bring wide angle lenses, and powerful cameras that can really capture the sense of a home. Further, professional photographers will be able to frame the listing photos to give potential buyers a great sense of the home just from looking online.
  • Use Social Media!: Social media has become a powerful tool for realtors and real estate companies as they market homes. Having a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help generate more leads. Make sure you're responsive on social media as well!
  • Grow Your Email Reach: For solo agents or real estate companies, a strong email list can become a vital piece of your marketing strategy. Grow your email list and design consistent and appealing email campaigns to generate more leads!

Sell Your Real Estate Notes with Red Enterprise

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