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Real Estate Agent Tools: Optimizing for Facebook

Real estate can be a difficult industry to get started in. You will adequate marketing to help set your business apart from local and national competition. Luckily, there are a plethora of real estate tools that can help you in this endeavor. One of the best real estate tools is Facebook, and you will need to optimize your business's Facebook page for the best results.
At the Red Enterprises Group, we buy and sell real estate notes, owner financing, and our marketing assistance program but that's far from all we do. We also strive to educate homeowners and buyers, and even real estate agents navigate through this complex industry. Let us explain why facebook is one of the best real estate agent tools and how to properly optimize your business's Facebook page.

Real Estate Agent Tools

When it comes to real estate agent tools, there are options. You will need to market your business to increase brand recognition. Home buyers are less likely to choose a brand they are unfamiliar with, so making your business known is imperative, but there are many avenues to do this.
Traditional marketing, such as billboards for newspaper ads, are often pricey and aren't able to target a specific audience. This is why many real estate agents are looking to newer marketing techniques, like search engine optimization or social media, to focus in on a targeted demographic.
In this, Facebook is likely the best avenue for many real estate agents to take. Creating a Facebook business page is free, although it costs money to run ads. This will allow you to reach out to local homebuyers or sellers with ease and improve your brand's recognition.

Optimize Your Facebook Page

Optimizing your Facebook page can take some time, but it will surely help you reach potential homebuyers that may have been overlooked otherwise. Some of the best practices for optimizing your Facebook are:

  • Profile and Cover Photos: It may not seem essential, but having visually appealing photos for your profile picture and cover photo can make more of a difference than you might think. This will help display a sense of professionalism.
  • Posting: Once you have set up your Facebook page, you can begin posting. You will want to share compelling posts that are interesting and will receive high levels of engagement (e.g. likes, comments, and facebook shares).
  • Contact Information: You should also be sure to fill out the About Us section of your Facebook page. be sure to include a link to your website, your business address and phone number, and a Contact Us button. This will help potential clients  

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